the healthy makeover
the healthy makeover

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Get tips and tools to help you start your journey to a healthier you.

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Learn some facts about hypertension and obesity

Stacy's Weight Loss Story- A Gleaner Article

When I weighed my heaviest, that was in 2008. I was in Japan at the time and that’s when I found out how much I weighed. I started exercising and noticed that clothes that I couldn’t wear before could now fit. Read more

The Silent Killer - Stacy Wright’s Battle With Hypertension- A Gleaner Article

“I always assumed high blood pressure (HBP) was a disease for the elderly. I never thought it would happen to me.” That was what Stacy Wright believed. In 2010, at age 28, she got a rude awakening. Stacy was officially diagnosed with high blood pressure. Read more

stacy wright

Stacy's Journey

At twenty-eight years of age I was diagnosed with hypertension and placed on medication. My new reality terrified me and decided that I did not want to be controlled by medication for the rest of my life. I took charge of my own health and gave myself a “healthy makeover” by shifting my focus from wanting to be skinny and “perfect” to being healthy and losing over 100 pounds.

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Getting Rid of Quarantine 15, 1 Week at a Time.

As many of you may have read in my latest blog post I started Heather Robertson’s (HR) 12-week Program. As of today Wednesday, July 22, 2020, I completed week 2 of 12.  Here’s an update on how I’m coping so far. In case any of you are interested in joining the...

Working on my Post Quarantine Body

I read an article recently that said according to a survey conducted by Nutrisytem, 76% of Americans gained up to 16 pounds during quarantine. Do you agree? In Jamaica, I started work from home in April - and currently still at home. In the last 3 months, I definitely...

Detox: Day 3

"...this 3-day detox program was a great jump start to get my eating habits and health goals back on track." Finally, day 3 of my detox has arrived. As usual, I will share my thoughts of the day, results of the detox program, the positives, some suggestions for...

Detox: Day 2

"For the entire day, I felt energized, clear-minded and focused..." Today was day 2 of my detox program.  (To read about Day 1 and why I’m doing the detox, click on the links). This post is not as lengthy as the previous post. I will share the effectiveness of the...

Detox: Day 1

If you read my first blog, Detox: How do you know when it's time for one? you are all caught up. For the next 3 days, I will be blogging about my detox experience. For day 1, I have decided to be very specific, of what ate and the times. Additionally, I share thoughts...

Detox: How do you know when it’s time for one?

"...detoxing offers a multitude of benefits like clearer skin, more energy, improved concentration, better immune system and so much more." Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to my body. I know what every ache and pain and food craving means. Over...

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