It’s the 2nd full week of January many of you have resolutions/goals/ dreams you want to accomplish.  On that list of goals is bound to be something health-related that goes something like this:

“Lose 10 pounds”

“Start going to the gym”

“Fit into dress/pants from 5 years ago”

“Get hot girl ready time for carnival/ summer/ some mature event”

And [Insert other health related] goals

And of course, gyms and fitness centres have tons of deals and sales at the beginning at this time of the year to help us to stick to those goals.  As someone who has been going to the gym for a number of years, I love taking advantage of these sales. I mean who doesn’t love a discount?

Unfortunately, at this moment even with the discounts, my finances and budget say, “girl don’t even think about it”

This got me thinking a lot about other persons in similar positions saying, the gym is not a priority right now.  Not only because of their finances but:

  1. Time constraints
  2. Mommy duties and
  3. Other responsibilities you may have.

Or you just plain ole hate the thought of breaking a sweat.

For me, I love going to the gym. I love taking the aerobic classes, like spinning, kickboxing and Zumba.  It’s a great way to remove the stress of the day or start to the day. Unfortunately.  I haven’t been to the gym since September 2019. 

Pictures courtesy of The Three Tomatoes

 What? I know. How dare I, a girl promoting health and wellness not be going to the gym herself.  Hear me out (keep reading)

Sometimes life throws us a curveball that knocks us off the “ straight and narrow path”.

Now that it’s the new year I miss the routine of going to the gym.  So, I’ve been thinking of some cost-effective (FREE) things to help me get in at least 15- 30 minutes until I can get into the gym.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Skipping (if you have a jump rope already)
  2. Online workout videos (YouTube is a wonderful option).
  3. Walking around the neighbourhood/park
  4. Swimming (if you have a pool in your house/apartment complex)

For me, I lack the motivation to work out at home, I love being motivated by others to push myself to work harder. However, in times like this, I realize I have to be my own motivator.   A workout or exercise routine can be effective no matter where you do it.

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