How many of you have gotten suckered in by products and brands telling you that you can lose 20 pounds in 1 week? I know I have. And when you try it, you end up gaining 5 more pounds instead. You feel worse than before and you start to think you are a failure and destined to be unhappy forever. Yep. I’ve been there too.

I have been on a myriad of diets over several years and have always been unsuccessful.  My mindset at the time was solely focused on my body image and having this need to be liked and accepted once I looked the part.  This 20 plus year mindset shifted right after my diagnosis of being hypertensive and being sentenced to taking medication for life.  It is a major life adjustment remembering to take pills like clockwork on a daily basis.  I cannot tell you how many times I wondered if I took my medication, counting the remaining pills for verification purposes.  I hate knowing my health was dependent on pills, my new reality scared me, and I wanted to be the old me again, me before this diagnosis. I wanted my health back.

I focused on being healthy and began healing my body naturally (in combination with pills).  My goal in the summer of 2010 was, ‘be off medication completely’ mindfully hoping it would happen by the end of that year. Yeah, that didn’t happen and we’re in 2020 and it still hasn’t happened. 

But I am still hopeful, and I know it is still possible.

In fact, I’m closer than I was before.

After my initial diagnosis, it took months of trials with various medication dosages and brands to figure out what worked for my body. It was frustrating and scary as I suffered rashes, pain, palpitations and fainting spells while my blood pressure remained out of control.  Within a few months, my doctor finally put me on 3 medication combinations that finally worked.  I could not understand why my pressure was not under control and why I was not off the medications, by this time I was down roughly 80 pounds (I was 260 lbs in 2008).

Every couple of months I begged my doctor to take me off medication, each time he said, no and he reminded me that this was not something to be rushed and that my body needs time to heal. I persisted and insisted and after months and now beginning to expect to hear “no” he finally agreed. I was surprised and scared sheepishly and doubtfully asking him, “are you sure?”  He said he would take me off one medication and leave the remaining 2 medicines. Warning me that if my blood pressure increased even slightly, he would put me back on it. Luckily, he never did.

My weight kept coming off, as I reached my lowest weight of 147lbs in 2012 but I never came off the other medications even though my blood pressure was well controlled by this point.  I somewhat forgot about it at this point.   By 2013 I moved to the states and had to be under the guidance of a new doctor. I told my doctor my medical history and my plan to be rid of medications completely. Upon that first meeting she said, it was my lucky day and that she would lower 1 of my 2 medicines down from 40 milligrams to 30 milligrams. Mainly because this particular brand only sold this medicine in 30 and 60 milligrams, but progress is progress. Again, I was terrified, and scared but I was happy. My body reacted well and remained oh this dosage combination for 3 years.

By September 2016 I moved back to Jamaica and remained on this combination for another year. By 2017 my medicine went down by another 10 milligrams.  And in 2018, I started reducing the other medication and again in 2019.  Hopefully this year I can be only on 1 medication.

The reason I share this story is for several reasons:

  1. Even though we have plans, sometimes those plans don’t always happen when we want.
  2. If you are really serious about your goal you won’t give up no matter how long, it takes.
  3. And finally, no matter how long and slow it seems, slow progress is progress.

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