“…detoxing offers a multitude of benefits like clearer skin, more energy, improved concentration, better immune system and so much more.”

Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to my body. I know what every ache and pain and food craving means. Over the past few months, I’ve increased my intake of snacks and various comfort foods which I cannot completely blame on coronavirus and home quarantine.

For over 7 years I’ve been able to maintain the healthy habits that I’ve learned such as, cutting out added sugars and excess sodium, while increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables which has contributed to weight loss and the ability to keep it off. However, life is not perfect and like a lot of persons, I have been struggling to lose 5-10 pounds. In fact, my body is stuck in that, lose- regain, lose-regain again vicious cycle. Despite my battle of the bulge, my main health goal has been to completely control my hypertension without medication. Which over the past 10 years has been under control and seen a significant reduction in my medication dosage.

Sometimes my goal of being medication free seems impossible. But if I must be honest, I have been less determined in comparison to how I have been in the past.  I have become less disciplined, by eating more sweets, and added sugars, and even increased processed snacks like chips. As a result, I have more cravings for these foods, fatigue and I’m sure contributed to weight gain. To get back in control, I decided it was time for a cleanse (detox). I hate detoxing, but I love the aftereffects. Besides the obvious weight loss, detoxing offers a multitude of benefits like clearer skin, more energy, improved concentration, better immune system and so much more.

Usually, I would do a detox program on my own, but I decided this time around I needed the structure and community support from a paid program. Cue, Natalie Murray. I became aware of Natalie through social media in 2017 and really connected to her mission and vision about health.  Natalie is a health coach, spinning instructor, speaker, author and owner of The Life Store in Kingston, Jamaica.

Natalie’s Renew Restore Reset Program is a 3- or 5-day detox program to help get you back on track (I chose the 3-day program). Each day you will be provided with smoothies and soups, “designed to give you enough fibre, protein and nutrients to sustain you and your metabolic processes.”  Inclusive of a colon cleanser and elixirs to aid in liver support and sleep.  Furthermore, you can have snacks just in case you still feel hungry.  Which is what attracted me the most to the program. A health program should not leave you feeling deprived.  

“A health program should not leave you feeling deprived.”  

As part of the program, we have the option to journal each day, documenting changes or any discomfort we may be feeling. I think it’s such a great tool, to identify how this process may impact your emotions and body. Therefore, for 3 days I will use my blog to document this experience. The program will start on June 1st and end on the 3rd.

Over the weekend Natalie recommended that we start removing caffeine, sweets, fruits and sweetened beverages, dairy and carbs ( bread, pastries etc.) from our diets and increasing our water intake. Reducing dairy and caffeine wasn’t difficult for me but sugar in all its forms and carbohydrates feels damn near impossible. In fact, today, Sunday, May 31, My breakfast had oats and blueberries, I ate a mango ( I have two trees growing in my back yard – I blame nature) and an apple. But I was very good about drinking lots of water throughout the day, I have two, 2-litre water bottles that I can refill throughout the day. Furthermore, I’ll be working from home, so I can ensure I stay hydrated.

As I prepare for tomorrow I’ve already noticed that my daily diet consists of too many carbohydrates and fruits high in sugars. As someone who is not a meat eater but eats mainly fish ( and other kinds of seafood, but in very limited quantity) I really need to open up my options.

Have you ever done a detox program before? Let me know your thoughts.

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