If you read my first blog, Detox: How do you know when it’s time for one? you are all caught up. For the next 3 days, I will be blogging about my detox experience. For day 1, I have decided to be very specific, of what ate and the times. Additionally, I share thoughts and feelings about the meals and the whole process. Happy reading.

“I was so shocked at the number staring back at me, I was convinced, “the scale must be broken!” I weighed myself again. The pesky number went up by .2 pounds, that little…”

“Overall, day 1 was a good day. I feel full and satisfied.”

5:30 AM: I woke up this morning, feeling really energized. I did a couple of tasks around the house then took a “before” picture so I can see any obvious changes within the 3 days.

6:58 AM: I decided to weigh myself. I hopped on the scale, pretty much anticipating the same number I’ve been maintaining for months. I was so shocked at the number staring back at me, I was convinced, “the scale must be broken!” I weighed myself again. The pesky number went up by .2 pounds, that little b***h told me I weighed 158 lbs. Which means I’m up 3 pounds since the last time I weighed- must be water weight. I walked away. Scale – 1 point. Stacy -0 points.

7:18 AM: My delivery of 3 smoothies 2 soups, elixirs and activated charcoal and Oxy-Powder tablets arrived. The smoothies, soups and elixirs came in individually labelled bottles, which much be kept refrigerated. While the activated charcoal and Oxy-Powder in packets (Given a 3 day supply).

7:30 AM: First thing, we are told to do is to take the activated charcoal, then have a warm cup of lemon water. I was a little hesitant because I hate taking encapsulated pills, but I managed to swallow that sucker one, in one gulp. Within 20 minutes we can drink the first smoothie.

8:05 AM: Smoothie #1. It was really delicious (I think it has beets in it because of the colour) and filling.

9:24 AM: Drank 24OZ of water already. About to do my first Zoom meeting for the day. Feeling fine, I don’t feel as full as I usually do after breakfast, which has me wondering if I’ve been overeating?

10:30 AM Smoothie #2 was delicious, I will admit when I saw this smoothie ( it’s green) I was worried and apprehensive about how it would taste. I was pleasantly surprised, it was so delicious, slightly sweet.

11:03 AM: Just drank about 8 oz of water. I feel energized and satiated.

1:00 PM: For lunch, I had my first soup. Not bad, at first I didn’t like it but the taste grew on me. And had a tablespoon of hummus with red bell peppers. I enjoyed the warm comfort feeling of the soup and was really full after this meal.

3:00 PM: I had my third and final smoothie for the day. I almost felt like I was eating too much for the day. Drank more water.

4:00 PM: Had a few pieces of raw cashew nuts. I think I ate them so that I wouldn’t feel hungry, not sure I really needed to eat them. Drank 24 OZ of water again. Also, I noticed I have been going to the bathroom a lot more than I usually do.

6:00 PM: Usually at this time, I would be doing my usually 60 minutes of exercise, but I decided not, i will try for tomorrow.

6:30 PM: The 5th and final meal of the day, a cup of soup. I liked this soup a lot, it tasted like zucchini. I had a spoonful of hummus and red peppers along with it. I feel full and satisfied.

8:30 PM: Took the liver elixir with a glass of water. Warning, it is definitely potent.

9: 30 PM: 1 tablespoon of the Sleepy-time elixir (Apothe-Cherry) with water and two of the Oxy-Powder tablets. The sleepy-time elixir has a wide of variety of antioxidants and phytochemicals to not only improve sleep but reduce free radical damage, beautifies the skin and “creates a healthy response in inflammation.” It tastes great, too. The Oxy-Powder is an “all-natural colon cleanser that uses the power of oxygen to clean your body from the inside out. ” Based on the product description, it’s supposed to be gentle on your stomach ( so no cramping, let’s see how I feel tomorrow).

Overall, day 1 was a good day, I feel full and satisfied. The smoothies were delicious, with the right balance of vegetables and fruits. The soups, were good too, not salty, and extremely filling. However, the only effects I have noticed is, I’m feeling gassier. I didn’t have any cravings, either, I just hope day 2 is just as good.

Let me know your thoughts. For those of you have done a detox program, did you experience any discomforting symptoms on the first day? Let me know!

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