“For the entire day, I felt energized, clear-minded and focused…”

Today was day 2 of my detox program.  (To read about Day 1 and why I’m doing the detox, click on the links). This post is not as lengthy as the previous post. I will share the effectiveness of the elixirs, and any changes I experienced.

Immediately after waking, I felt refreshed, renewed and energized to start the day. I had a great night’s rest, which could be attributed to the sleepy- time elixir (Apothe-Cherry). I usually sleep well, so I’m not sure if the elixir made a difference or not.  As for the Oxy-Powder colon cleanser, that definitely worked as I had a bowel movement first thing in the morning.

For the entire day, I felt energized, clear-minded and focused on my daily tasks. Usually, after lunchtime or certain periods within the day, I’m lethargic and just low in energy but not today. I was filled with so much energy that I felt strong enough to do a 30 minute moderately intense workout. I have been on detox programs in the past where I could barely lift one leg up, not today. I felt like the energizer bunny.

I am not experiencing any other associated symptoms of detoxing, like headaches or cravings. I barely thought about food or felt tempted to cheat.  However, I didn’t drink as much water today compared to yesterday. We’re supposed to drink enough water that equates to half your weight- yep, that didn’t happen.  I need to do better tomorrow.

As I type this, it’s currently 8:20 pm and I’m still energetic.  For the rest of the night, I plan to finish typing this blog and catch up on some TV.  Drink the liver and sleepy-time elixirs and take the Oxy-Powder tablets. I’m really surprised at how quickly the time has passed, usually on these detox programs, I can’t wait for it to be over. I am looking forward to day 3, the last day of the program. so I can see if I experience any additional changes or benefits. In my next post, I will share my final thoughts about the program, along with any criticisms and recommendations. Stay Tuned.

After starting a detox program, do you feel energized or sluggish? Let me know in the comments section on my Instagram or Facebook page @thehealthy_makeover

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