“…this 3-day detox program was a great jump start to get my eating habits and health goals back on track.”

Finally, day 3 of my detox has arrived. As usual, I will share my thoughts of the day, results of the detox program, the positives, some suggestions for improvement and information on how to choose a detox program. (Before you read this post make sure you read: Detox: How do you know when it’s time for one?; Day 1 and Day 2. Now let’s begin.

The day was no different than the first two days, I was still energized and feeling great. The only difference with today compared to the others, I had to physically go into the office. I had to carry one of the soups for lunch and a smoothie for snacking, which sustained me for most of the day. Unfortunately, I did not drink enough water and had no veggies or nuts for additional snacking. I did not anticipate being been at work for the entire day and never got home until 6 pm so I was starving. As soon as I got home I skipped my evening workout and ate the last soup for the day with hummus and yellow peppers. I had the last of the elixirs and Oxy-Powder and had a very restful night’s sleep.


I noticed changes in my bowel movements ( loose stools), which I attribute to the  Oxy-Powder colon cleanser and the fact I have been consuming mainly liquids for 3 days.  On the plus side, I feel less bloated and energetic.  I must mention that on day 2 of the detox my period started and I did not have any cramping or craving, which is a usual occurrence.  Furthermore, my skin looks clearer, sometimes during my period I have a breakout but, I’m blemish-free. My skin looks clearer and feels moisturized. Finally, I lost roughly 4 pounds. Overall, this 3-day detox program was a great jump start to get my eating habits and health goals back on track.

Post-detox: What’s next?

Post detox or at least for the next 4 days it is recommended that we slowly start incorporating certain foods (i.e. meat, dairy, sugar, gluten or alcohol) into our diet to observe how our bodies react ( choose one item every 3 days). To help us, we were given a list of recipes for salads, soups and smoothies that we could try for the next 4 days with the goal of not falling back into our old habits. The struggle is real. Realistically speaking, I know I will not be able to completely avoid certain guilty pleasure foods forever ( hello, ice-cream and chocolate) but instead, find a way to enjoy them moderately and not overindulge. The point of this program is to find yourself back to the place you were before you needed the detox. However, I believe life is about balance. Enjoy those foods you love, but be mindful of how often you are consuming them and if possible, find healthier alternatives.

With every detox program there’s some things that worked well and things that didn’t.


  1. Given an accompanying manual with explicit details about the program, expectations and how to prepare your mind and body before you begin the program. Along with a guide on how to go back to “normal”, inclusive of recipes to try, post-detox.
  2. The program was structured so that we eat every 2.5 hours to keep us nourished and full throughout the day. With the option to snack if needed.
  3. Well, balanced. A variety of fruits and vegetables used to make each soup and smoothie.
  4. Elixirs and supplements to improve our liver, stomach, sleep and immune system.
  5. Trustworthy. In today’s world especially during a pandemic, you need to ensure that where you get your foods from are prepared safely. The packages were always sealed and delivered securely. Also, the delivery driver was friendly and always arrived at the designated time. 
  6. Supportive. We had a WhatsApp support group to share our thoughts and experiences. Natalie was also available to answer any questions or concerns.
  7. Given guided meditations to help us throughout the day and at nights, a reminder that self-care and our mental health are important parts of our overall well-being.
  8. Follow up emails sharing what ingredients and Superfoods were used in each smoothie and soup.
  9. Discount offers for other products and services.
  10. A 30-minute coaching session to discuss goals.

I don’t have any negatives about the program more suggestions than anything else.


  1. Even though the soups and smoothies were made from a mixture of different fruits and vegetables over the course of the 3 days, we at the same combinations. I recommend changing the combinations daily for more variety.
  2. The recipes for post-detox should be more mindful for persons who are vegetarian or vegan.  When I saw the recipes I struggled a little to think what protein options to use ( I don’t eat chicken or meat and I try to limit fish).

How to choose a detox program:

A detox program may not be for everyone, but for those of you that are interested in trying one, make sure you do your research first.  Find out whatever you can about the company or person and products being used. For example, what ingredients do you use? ; is your product vegan, gluten-free etc? Are your products/ foods safe to take with [insert whatever medications you make be taking]? There are plenty of programs out there, find out what works best for you, your schedule and your budget. 

If you have any questions about the program please feel free ask or share information on any detox programs you know or heard about. Let me know your thoughts on my Instagram page or on Facebook @thehealthy_makeover.

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