I read an article recently that said according to a survey conducted by Nutrisytem, 76% of Americans gained up to 16 pounds during quarantine. Do you agree? In Jamaica, I started work from home in April – and currently still at home. In the last 3 months, I definitely slacked on my eating habits and certainly did not do any exercise. I noticed my eating habits were becoming out of control I decided in June to do a 3-day detox program to give my system a much-needed cleanse. But my level of physical activity was still poor. Being at home the desire to workout has been non-existent. I really don’t like it; I thrive on group activity and I like being in a different space and environment.

Currently, fitness centres and gyms have reopened but I do not feel comfortable going just yet.  However while at home, I get bored very easily and not being challenged as I would at the gym. In the gym, I gravitated to classes that were fun and cardio-intensive. If I did not do a group class, I would use the elliptical or treadmill. Within the past year, I developed a love for spinning. For months I only took spinning classes. Then I stopped. I have always resisted strength and toning exercises, I find them monotonous, downright difficult.

After losing over 100 pounds I have lost some muscle mass and I have said my goal for a few years now is to strengthen and tone my body.  At the gym, I took one strength training class a week and tried to do weights occasionally. I was not consistent and did not focus on my entire body but only certain problem areas, like my legs.

Being at home for months now any muscle definition I had is completely gone. My goal is really to get stronger, more toned and defined. I’ve been saying I want this for so long, yet I’m not putting in the work. Why? Maybe because it’s challenging, difficult and takes me out of my comfort zone. I got myself this far, without strength training I don’t need it. I recognize that I have come a long way, and have gotten amazing results. My goal now is not weight loss anymore so I must use a different approach. In order to do that I have to different exercises that strengthen the body, no matter how much I avoid it.

In my quest to find online workout videos I noticed a couple of persons on Instagram mentioning Heather Robertson and decided to try her workouts. I did a couple and really liked it. Then one day I saw that she was offering a FREE 12 WEEK WORKOUT PLAN.  The workouts can be done right at home, whenever you want and with minimal equipment (mat, dumbells, stability ball).  The plan also comes with recipes, sample menus and a private Facebook community support group.

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be doing this program and it will be great to see the changes to my body and see how much I challenge and push myself to get in shape and get stronger. I will blog about my experience. I’m still deciding if I should blog every week or every couple of weeks. I’ll get back to you on that one. In the meantime,  You can follow me on my Instagram page @thehealthy_makeover to stay up to date on my journey.

Does this sound like something you would do? If you plan to join the program let me know, from what I see the results have been amazing and we can support each other.

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