Professional Bio

Stacy Wright was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica.  For over twenty years she was significantly overweight. On her quest to fit the ideal body image she tried various fad diets, failed and always regained the weight. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and mandated to take medication at 28 years old that she decided to focus on becoming healthy. Out of concern for her own health and the need for more health education in Jamaica; Stacy obtained her Master’s in Public Health and became a Certified Health Education Specialist. Her goal is to provide others with the knowledge and skills to gain control over their health and to recognize that becoming healthy is a life-long journey. She considers herself the adventurous type and loves traveling. She has lived in the US, and Japan and has traveled throughout North America, Central America, Asia and the Caribbean.

My Story

Old Mindsets→Destructive Habits

For a long time I was fixated on becoming slim.  All I cared about was:

  • What I would looked like and
  • How much I weighed

Being diagnosed at a young age with hypertension and sentenced to taking medication for life quickly changed my priorities.


New Mindsets→New Habits

I went from diet focused to having healthy long terms habits. Focusing on:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Limiting and reducing processed foods/refined sugars/salt/saturated fats
  • Exercise
  • Drinking water




  • Losing over 100 pounds (slowly )

  • Maintaining weight loss for 9 years

  • Went from being on high doses of 3 different medications to low doses of 2 medications and on a plan to be off meds completely.


stacy wright

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